Playsafe Holding AS (PSH) is a Norwegian company founded in 2006 by two industry professionals in the gaming industry.

The company is a technology company primarily focusing on opportunities in the gaming industry. PSH has been publicly traded since 2006 (ticker: PLAY) on the NOTC-exchange in Norway (

Playsafe Holding strategy is to invest and participate in businesses that produce software for different market segments of the gaming industry. Our subsidiaries are specialists in their market segment, with a primary focus on technology development.

The company has approximately 220 shareholders, whereby the top 10 shareholders control approximately 85% of the total equity. The largest single shareholder, controlling approximately 50% of PSH equity, is Foreningslotto AS, which has roots in the Norwegian gaming industry back to the mid 1970’s.

The board of directors consist of Dr. John Afseth (Chairman), Christian Pettersen and Atle Johansen (CEO).

For questions regarding Playsafe Holding AS, please contact Ben Johansen (CEO) at +47 33483300.


The Management Team

Ben Johansen
Ben Johansen is the group CEO/CFO. He comes from a family of gaming entrepreneurs and has founded, built and sold a range of gaming operations over the years, both online and land-based. Ben is one of the online gaming industry pioneers receiving his first online gaming license on the Island of Curacao in 1998 and commencing operation the following year. Ben is the principal founder of Playsafe.



Board Members


John Afseth
Chairman of the Board


Christian Petersen
Non-executive director (Member of the Board of Directors).