Playsafe IT Services SA (PTY) Ltd is a fully owned and operated subsidiary of Playsafe Holding AS:

Our software division offers two primary products; online poker and casino.

Our poker product is a tried and tested solution with an excellent track record over a number of years. The platform dates back to the early days of online poker, but rest assured that the software has been gradually rewritten to utilize new and modern technologies. The software runs on almost every conceivable device and operating system; iOS (Apple), Android, Tizen, BlackBerry, Firefox OS for mobile, Mac, Windows, Linux Desktop, as well as HTML5 or Flash for in-browser playing (i.e. any device with a browser).
To us, the mantra ‘mobile, mobile, mobile’ is as important as ‘location, location, location’ is to a real estate developer.

Our casino software suite is our next big project. Unlike most suppliers and game hubs, who are simply re-using the same games over and over again, we are going in the opposite direction. Unique, proprietary content developed for all platforms. Our casino games platform will be market ready at the end of 2016.

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Technical information on the choice of technology stack

The poker platform is comprised of client side applications that communicate via a proprietary encrypted TCP protocol with a Java server that makes use of non-blocking IO to service tens of thousands of concurrent connections. The server makes use of Microsoft SQL Server as backing storage, and runs on top of CentOS enterprise Linux.

There are two current versions of the client side application; The first developed in C++, using the cross platform wxWidgets toolkit, allowing it to run on Windows, Mac and Linux as native applications. The second, newly developed client, was developed in the Haxe language, making use of the OpenFL stack of technologies to allow the application to be compiled and run on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Firefox OS, Tizen, Flash and even HTML5.

OpenFL was chosen for numerous reasons over the many other cross platform frameworks:

Its API very closely resembles the Flash AS3, making it very easy for an existing flash developer to develop in OpenFL. The Haxe language is strongly typed, with optimisations that can make it faster than writing native code directly. The OpenFL API and Haxe language is extremely extendible, allowing for customisations where needed if the framework lacks any features.

OpenFL has gained a lot of support with big industry leaders in both gaming and hardware development, with Samsung and Intel both showing support in the form of resources, among others. The OpenFL API and Haxe language is open source, encouraging greater peer review and community development, not locking any developer in to any specific provider.

Its HTML5 renderer currently targets Canvas 2D, but WebGL support is available and currently under active development. This ensures that the future of mobile devices is fully catered for. Its native targets make use of OpenGL hardware rendered 2D graphics, allowing the best possible experience on both desktop and mobile.

We have developed a UI framework on top of OpenFL which allows us to re-use graphical components across different projects, and it includes a very mature XML skinning layer which enables graphics designers to develop the look and feel of the poker client uniquely for every brand, yet allowing re-use of components between projects to minimise the time it takes to build a brand. The platform allows us to target high and low resolution devices, desktop and mobile, with different skins, without the need for any code changes. A single code base allows us to build features and maintain the product, with the minimum amount of required resources.

We employ automated build systems and distributed version control systems, so that the manual work needed to support all the available platforms and brands is minimal.